Female Daesh’s Hisba detains a woman and imprisons her in iron cage in the city of Al-Mayadin for “violating dress code”

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There is an ongoing sentiment of deep resentment in the city of al-Mayadin and its deserts in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, following the arrest of a female civilian in the town of Buqruss yesterday by female Daesh’s Hisba who has imprisoned the woman in an iron cage for ” violating Islamic dress code”.


“The detention of the woman took place in the new cemetery in the city of Al-Mayadin on the pretext that “she did not wear her Islamic dress while going out”. The woman is still held inside the iron cage”, a D24 correspondent said today.


Our correspondent confirmed also that the woman was baking bread for her family near her home without wearing the niqab, which pushed a women hisba patrol to arrest her yesterday and then parade her through the streets of the city while being held in the cage.”

Daesh installed two cages made up of iron in the new cemetery in al-Myadeen yesterday. It should be pointed out that it is the first time in which a woman was detailed and imprisoned in an iron cage in the province of Deir Ezzor.

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