Issam Zahreddine and the gang of butchers

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The recent picture that shows Issam Zahrddine mutilating dead bodies of a group of Daesh militants and hanging their remains reminds me of the leader of the free patriot gang in the film titled “Gangs of New York”. We cannot say that both the butcher of New York and Issam are acting as animals or in accordance with their animal instincts, because animals do not kill unless they want to eat, they do not mutilate or cut off the organs of their prey. It would be unfair to draw a comparison between many of their deeds with those of animals.


Issam Zahrddine has a bloody history in Deir Ezzor province in particular and in Syria in general. He is held accountable for planning all the cruel and horrific massacres that took place in al-Joura and al-Qusour neighborhoods three years ago, which claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent civilians. Despite all the massacres he has carried out, it was not horrible for him to continue his bloody brutal record by mutilating and cutting off the organs of some recently captured Daesh militants.


We are not in here to defend Daesh but we are just reminding you that there are terrorist regimes who promote the culture of murder and terrorism on a daily basis just like the Assad-regime. It is the regime who has brought us up to this situation where murder and murder counterattack have become commonplace.


Perhaps most of what the photo of the butcher Zahrdeen along with his slaughters has confirmed is that this regime has become valueless and devoid of any human principles that govern the nations, and has been turned into a mere gang, not different from the gangs of New York.

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