Three children fell martyrs, several wounded in Coalition air strikes on Albu Kamal on Monday

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At least three children fell martyrs while several other civilians have been wounded after Coalition warplanes struck targets in the city of Albu Kamal, Deir Ezzor’s eastern countryside, on Monday.


The Coalition conducted air raids on two houses belonging to Fawzi and Qutayba al-Rawi (civilians), resulting in heavy damage to the houses, with no info with regard to the reasons that led the Coalition warplanes to target these civilian buildings. The air strikes have almost levelled the area surrounding the targeted houses as well, and Daesh is preventing civilians in Albu Kamal from gathering at the targeted area.


The death toll from today’s Coalition air strike might increase as some family members of Fawzi and Qutayba al-Rawi have not yet been rescued and pulled out of the rubble of the collapsed buildings.


Names of the children who martyred today:

Musaa’b Qutayba al-Rawi

Ali Qutayba al-Rawi

Hanae al-Rawi

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