Who is abu al-Thabah, who entered Assad parliament after al-Nursa Front membership?

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Madlool al-Aziz is from the village of al-Aziz in the abu-Khashab area in the northwestern Deir Ezzor countryside. He belongs to the al-Bakara Tribe. Al-Aziz self declared a sheikh of the tribe after he accumulated money from smuggling and when he joined the al- Qaeda (Al-Nusra Front.)

Al-Aziz joined al-Nusra with the nickname Abu Thabah. Abu Thabah was stationed at the cereals center in Jazret al-Buhameed. He stole tons of cereals and sold them for his own benefit. He was famous for killing Assad forces’ members and mutilating their bodies to prove loyal to his commanders in al-Nusra Front.

After Daesh seized Deir Ezzor governorate in mid 2014 ,and al-Nusra Front’ withdrawal, al-Aziz escaped to the Assad regime-controlled areas. He reconciled with the regime after he paid a lot of money. He worked in reconciliation and smuggling civilians to Lebanon in coordination with militias’ checkpoints and by paying money to them.

Al-Azizi is loyal to Iran, which played a key role in supporting him in the last elections. Al-Aziz served Iran in Deir Ezzor since 2018 until today.

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