Daesh confiscates twenty homes in Deir Ezzor’s western countryside

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Daesh has confiscated twenty homes belonging to civilians in Deir Ezzor’s western countryside under the pretext that their owners are living in areas outside Daesh’s control, issuing stark orders to those still living in them to leave as quick as possible.



“Daesh members have confiscated twenty homes belonging to civilians from Deir Ezzor who are now working and living in some Gulf countries or Turkey. These confiscated civilian properties have been transferred to Daesh-run department of ownership in the region, which has turned the recently confiscated homes into a lucrative business by receiving an amount of money that range from 10000 to 25000 Syrian lira as a rental payment, depending on the features of the home,” a D24 correspondent in the western countryside said today.


It should be pointed out that Daesh confiscated also 10 civilian homes situated in villages in the western countryside a little while ago. The reason was because their owners are currently working in agriculture in Turkey. The group regards anyone working outside its held territory as a dissident who supports its enemies ; therefore, confiscation of his or her property becomes necessary in the organization’s eyes.


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