Daesh cells attack Assad regime’s militias again

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Recently, tension rose significantly between members of the National Defence (NDF) and Liwaa al-Quds militias, after the NDF requested support from Liwaa al-Quds, following an attack by Daesh on its posts western Deir Ezzor near al-Fakka area.

Liwaa al-Quds refused to send support under the pretext that Al-Camerooni and the Russians did not give orders. As a reaction, the NDF militia refused to send support to Liwaa al-Quds last night when Daesh attacked Liwaa al-Quds and killed members from the 17th division.

The clashes were renewed between suspected Daesh cells and Assad regime’s militias, in conjunction with sending reinforcement to Liwaa al-Quds under cover from the Russian aircraft.

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