Usud al-Ashaeir militia conducts its periodical replacements

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The so-called Usud al-Ashaeir militia of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps conducted its fortnightly replacements in the river and land outposts in al-Bukamal area.

The militia counts 850 fighters; however, the number reached 1,200 last year. Most of the fighters joined the Russian militias’ ranks due to high salaries. Other fighters escaped to the Syrian Democratic Forces-controlled areas.

Nawaf al-Basheer leads the militia that owes full loyalty to Iran, and tries to convince young men to join the militia by tempting them, conducting field trainings for them, and winning them to convert to Shiism.
Recently, the Russian forces have sent the militia fighters to al-Badiya sector in which Daesh attacks are frequent; however, the fighters expressed resentment.

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