Assad forces aggravate civilians’ suffering in al-Salihiya

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The Assad regime’s Military Security branch members stationed at the checkpoint of al-Salihiya platoon in charge of the land crossing between the Assad regime-controlled areas and those controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) deliberately extort civilians and impose taxes on those who would like to cross without waiting in queues. Those people are forced to pay 5,000 Syrian pounds per person to cross without delay calling the state as “businessmen.”

Those who are unable to pay the cost of rapid crossing resort to another choice that is to wait for long hours before crossing in return for 2,000 SYP per person amidst maltreatment and curses by the Assad forces members.

The crossing is supposed to contribute to facilitating the movement of the people between the areas controlled by the SDF and the Assad forces, as it shortens the long distances that the people used to travel to reach the city of Deir ez-Zor, up to about 70 kilometers for 1 kilometer; however, the Assad forces members undertakes the task of complicating the affairs of passers-by, blackmailing them , exacerbating their living crises, and take advantage of their need to pass.

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