A Russian decision to dissolve the National Defense Militia and join them with the Fourth Division

Written by Editorial Board

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The National Defense Militia has been merged with the Fourth Division, “the Republican Guard”, which means that the commander of the National Defense Militia, “Firas al-Iraqiya”, will hold the rank of major or captain.

The merger wsa named the Fourth Division of the Army and the Armed Forces. The flags and emblems of the National Defense Militia were removed, and the weapons remained in the possession of the elements, with different names.

The Fourth Division intends to change the identities and tasks of the elements, and to maintain the checkpoints, while changing the tasks, such as replacing the task of the elements of the Jufra entrance checkpoint, from registering names and inspecting cars, to demarcation and imposing taxes on cars.

The Fourth Division is in charge of imposing duties and customs and receiving royalties, and trying to impose its control over the crossings, with the participation of Iranian militias and support from Russian forces.

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