Assad regime appoints Jameel Muhammad al-Shalal head of Reconciliation Committee in Khasham

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The Assad regime appointed Jameel Muhammad al-Shalal known as Abu Niddal head of the Reconciliation Committee in the town of Khasham in Deir Ezzor. Appointing al-Shalal is an attempt by the Assad regime to convince people of the area to reconcile with the regime. The majority of the people consider the reconciliation is a trap.

Concerned authorities select figures who owe absolute loyalty to Assad, as al-Shalal is famous for supporting the regime and he intermediated between the people of the area and Daesh when the latter was controlling the area. Al-Shalal received bribes to facilitate people’s affairs with Daesh and handed the people’s weapons over to Daesh.

When the Syrian Democratic Forces controlled the area, al-Shalal worked with reconciliation committees and the Military Security branch. Al-Shalal caused the arrest of civilians, including women, and extorted families to release their sons in return for money under the threat of sending the detainees to security branches in Damascus.

Al-Shalal is famous for his strong relations with Daas Daas the former manager of the State Security branch, as Daas has been among the prominent Assad regime’s officers to oppress the Syrian Revolution in Deir Ezzor. Al-Shalal was also close to Jame’ Jame’ head of the Military Intelligence in Deir Ezzor before his killing.

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