Iran deploys its groups to Deir Ezzor

Written by Editorial Board

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Well-informed sources told Deir 24 Network that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) militia brought the al-Sayyida Zaynab Regiment based in the city of al-Mayadeen to the western Deir Ezzor countryside. The regiment fighters were stationed in outposts in the village of Ayash down to al-badiya.

Recently, the IRGC brought the al-Nujabaa and Fatemiyoun militias to the western Deir Ezzor countryside in the context of expanding in the area to control it.

On Monday, the al-Nujabaa seized diesel tankers of the Sadkob station, and allocated for civilians. The militia distributed the diesel to its fighters’ families. These militias are based in the western Deir Ezzor countryside.

The al-Sayyida Zaynab Regiment is an Iranian backed militia. The majority of the militia’s fighters are recruits from the villages of Kafarya and al-Fu’a. The militia is stationed in al-Bukamal badiya and al-Hizam area.

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