Assad regime promotes reconciliations in Deir Ezzor

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Informed sources told Deir Ezzor 24 Network that 100 people from the town of Khasham in Deir Ezzor prepare to reconcile with the Assad regime after 400 others reconciled in the city of al-Ashara, west of the Euphrates.

The sources added that al-sheikh Abdullah al-Shalash who is the chief of the Reconciliation Center in Deir Ezzor supervises the reconciliation. Dignitaries from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)-controlled areas held a meeting with the Russians. Employees of the SDF from Khasham who receive their salaries from the Assad regime attended the meeting.

Among the figures from Khasham who attended the meeting and supported the reconciliation were Mahmoud al-Fayad al-Habash who is a spy for the Assad regime, Jameel Muhammad al-Shalal who works for the Assad regime’s security branches, Muhammad Hussein al-Awad who is a prominent agent and supporter of Assad, and Hajan Hameed al-Fahd who works in the SDF-controlled areas as an employee in the SDF- al-Azbah Civil Council.

The Reconciliation Center in Deir Ezzor works by a tribal cover and aims at enabling the people of the area to return to their homes by issuing them amnesty documents. Reconciliations included dissidents from the Assad forces, wanted people, and young men who escaped or refrained from compulsory recruitment. Such reconciliations help the Assad regime restore its political and military power in the area.

The vast majority of people of Deir Ezzor completely reject reconciling with the Assad regime and the Russians, many of them immigrated to Turkey, the Gulf states, and Europe.

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