The suffering of Syrian refugees in Turkey’s Tel Abyad refugee camp

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The Syrian refugee in Turkey’s Tel Abyad camp are facing a severe and alarming humanitarian crisis on all levels and aspects. The refugee camp hosts more than 4900 Syrian refugee, and it is regarded as one of the oldest camps that were established in early days of the Syrian Revolution in Turkey. At the current time, it has significant issues with the way it is managed and organized.



People had previously thought that it is much better than Al-Istiqbal refugee camp, which is closed now, that used to receive displaced Syrians in early days of the revolution. Prices inside Tel Abyad’s refugee camp are on the increase, mainly mall cards by which the refugee buy their basic needs. Despite the deteriorating situation inside it, the refugees can only enter it by the help of a mediator.



The refugees have also become used to a daily and long electricity cut, especially in the afternoon. One should keep in mind that Ramadan is near; therefore, they need to operate their fridges with electricity or no one will be able to resist while fasting in a miserable situation like this.  These issues are deliberately planned, according to testimonies of some refugees living in the refugee camp, although there are some other persons affiliated with the administration of the camp, who defend and try to justify its insupportable actions.



Neglect is embodied in bathrooms and joint restrooms, which are supposed to be cleaner than anything else in the camp; they have been turned into a fitting place for bacteria and different types of illnesses. Many civilians suffer from urinary tract infection, which is caused by micro-organism, in addition to some other gynecological diseases, which are mainly caused by the neglect of cleaning the bathrooms, lack of control as well as failure to take tight measures with regards to those who willfully disregard them.


Concerning education, many of the teachers and professors in the refugee camp hold fake certificates and some of them do not even belong to the camp, but, because of some mediators, they are now able to teach inside it. On the contrary, there are competent teachers inside the refugee camp who have not been employed yet, despite the fact that it is a priority for the administration to take such a step.  One should also not forget that there are also some Syrians who cooperate with some Turks to persecute and humiliate their brethren in Tel Abyad’s refugee camp.


Worse of all, a recent heinous and flagitious incident in which a 13-years-old child from Deir Ezzor, mainly the area of al-Tabiya Shamiya, was found hanged inside one of the bathrooms in the fourth quarter of Tel Abyad’s refugee camp. Those in charge of the refugee camp bear part of the responsibility for this atrocious crime, as it is the result of their organizational failure and lack of control over the camp.


The Syrian refugees in the camp are stranded and helpless; they can do nothing about the current situation inside it. They speak up against the deteriorating situation on condition of anonymity for fear of being tracked and questioned by the corrupt officials there.

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