Daesh prepares to release a new propaganda video about the economic situation in Deir Ezzor

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Daesh finished filming one of its new propaganda video release on Thursday, which will, according to the info received, deliver a message and shed light on the economic situation in Deir Ezzor after the group gained control over the province.


Local sources have indicated to D24 that, “last Wednesday, Daesh gathered all the merchants in Deir Ezzor’s eastern countryside and filmed some of their testimonies with regards to the economic situation under the group’ rule. The testimonies revolved around the opening of roads and putting an end to bribery and robbery after expelling both the Assad-regime and the FSA from a vast swath of territory in Deir Ezzor.


The same sources added that, “the number of the merchants, who will appear in the new group’s release, reached 15 merchants.”


This comes in light of a woeful economic situation civilians living under Daesh’s rule in Dier Ezzor are going through. Also amid an increase in unemployment rate and deterioration of agriculture, with a sharp increase in food prices due to the lack of means of transport in an atmosphere of continuous battles between the group and its enemies.

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