Sharia court in Azaz bans displaced civilians, who fled Daesh controlled areas, from entering the northern Syrian town

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The central Sharia court in Azaz has recently issued a new decision which bans civilians who fled Daesh-held areas from entering the town under the pretext that it is currently overcrowded with displaced civilians and also for fear of changing the demography of the region amid battles between Daesh and the YPG.


In the released statement, the court mentions that its decision is the result of a coordination with the military factions operating in the area (Azaz), and that it aims at what it described as “putting an end to Daesh’s sleeper cells inside the town”, which is, according to the court, the primary reason behind the recent gains which has enabled Daesh to encircle Mare’ in northern Aleppo.


Both Deir Ezzor and Raqqa are presently witnessing a massive wave of displacement towards the Turkish territory through Azaz due to Daesh’s human violations and air strikes on civilian populated areas by both Assad and the international coalition.


The displaced civilians complain about the exploitation they are subjected to by smugglers who are active in Azaz; the latter take benefit from the miserable situation of displaced civilians by augmenting the amount of money paid to them to smuggle people into Turkey. They also complain about the increase in the prices of rent.

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