The Dust Storm Has Provided A Suitable Environment For A Sudden Military Resurgence Of Daesh In Deir Ezzor

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Dust storm is considered to be one of the factors that has benefited the organization of Daesh in th Deir Ezzor governorate recently, enabling it to attack its enemies at different frontlines

Daesh has been attacking SDF positions in different areas over the past twenty four hours, recapturing several areas, mainly the Sussah and Baghuz towns. SDF have taken heavy casualties due to the absence of air support from the coalition.

Daesh is now using its classical tactics which rely mainly on VBIEDs and Inghimassi.

The rapid retreat of SDF from various areas has pushed the American and French Coalition forces to withdraw their artillery in the Hajin desert to elsewhere. The artillery had been used to support SDF in their urban fighting against Daesh in Hajin city and some surrounding villages. The heavy losses suffered by SDF have pushed them to deploy reinforcements to support their fighters in the offensive against the last Daesh-held pocket of eastern Deir Ezzor

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