The Autonomous Administration issues a new decision to prevent the outbreak of Corona

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The Joint Presidency of the Executive Council in northeastern Syria has issued a decision to extend the curfew for 10 days from Wednesday 22-4-2020 to 1-5-2020 to prevent the spread of the new Coronavirus.

The new decision exempts (the human, agricultural and veterinary pharmacies), the shops selling vegetables, fruits, meat, and sweets, as well as vendors from the curfew.

The decision allows the supermarkets and food stores to open everyday during the curfew, and the exchange office to open every Friday and Tuesday.

The construction sector (building workers and the shops selling building materials) and all the shops in the industrial zones are also exempted from the curfew.

The new decision facilitates the movement of farmers to and from their lands during the curfew, but the workers must not exceed 10 in each vehicle while traveling.

The decision allows the vehicles transporting foodstuffs, infant formula, detergents and oil products to move freely in all areas of the autonomous administration during the curfew.

The decision stressed that all those who are exempted from the curfew must take all the preventive measures while working.

It is worth mentioning that the municipalities of the eastern Euphrates areas in Deir Ezzor have taken several measures to prevent the outbreak of Corona pandemic.

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