Autonomous Administration increases prices in its areas amidst widespread popular discontent

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The Joint Presidency of the Executive Council in northeastern Syria increased prices of fuel and domestic gas.

The presidency increased the prices of fuel in the Autonomous Administration-controlled areas as the following:

The prices of diesel for mills and bakeries increased by 100 Syrian pounds (SYP) per liter, diesel for heating and agriculture increased by 250 SYP per liter, and diesel for offices of industry and services increased by 300 SYP per liter. The prices of high quality diesel increased by 400 SYP per liter, diesel for organizations increased by 500 SYP per liter, and the price of kerosene increased by 300 SYP per liter. The price of super gasoline increased by 410 SYP per liter and imported premium gasoline increased by $ 65.5 cent per liter. The price of domestic gas increased by 8,000 SYP per cylinder, and the price of commercial gas for industrial and commercial facilities increased by 15,000 SYP per cylinder.

The Autonomous Administration’s decision to increase prices shocked the people in Deir Ezzor as the majority of them are already suffering from the deteriorating economic conditions prevailing the region.

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