Covid-19 spreads in Gharanij

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Medical sources confirmed to Deir Ezzor 24 network that about 300 cases of Coronavirus (Covid-19) were infected in “Granij”, where the results of 100 tests of them were positive, and 10 of them were transferred to the city hospital and they are in critical condition, while the rest suffer from varying symptoms between light and medium.

The sources noted the seriousness of the medical situation, which may lead to the collapse of the entire medical sector, the occupancy of intensive care beds and the lack of oxygen devices.

Covid-19 also spreads in “Granij”, where there are entire families infected, in addition to the transmission of infection to employees in the “Granij” clinic, which worsened the situation, in light of the lack of all means of prevention and the disappearance of preventive measures from the concerned authorities, and the inability of the people to acquire sterilizers and masks due to their poor economic conditions, and the concerned authorities standing idly by as the situation worsened and spiraled out of control.

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