I’m alive .. A message by a detainee from Deir Ezzor, detained by Daesh

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After a year and a half of the news that he was killed by Daesh after being arrested and sentenced to “Qisas”, now a photo came containing words of his handwriting to give hope to his family that he is still alive.

The young man, Khleif Allawi Al-Maddad, from Ash-Shahil town in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside, was arrested by Daesh in the first quarter of 2017, and was completely disappeared like other detainees detained by the organization.

At the beginning of July 2017, the organization told Al-Allawi family that their son was sentenced to Qisas on charges of apostasy (ridda), and since that date he was dead for his family and relatives.

After Daesh retreated and withdrew from most of Deir Ezzor’s areas which it controlled for a period of a time, some secrets of the organization began to come to light little by little.

Today, a photograph of a note written in the handwriting of “Khleif Al-Allawi”, arrived to his family, it was written on a wall of one of the cells that were taken as prisons for detainees by the organization in Al-Bubadran village east of Deir Ezzor, in it was written (I’m Khleif Allawi Al-Maddad, I am alive in 11/11/2018). The date which was written by Khleif Al-Allawi marks a year and four and a half months after the organization told his family that he was killed, this note written by Khleif carried a glimmer of hope to his family that their son is still alive, but he is still in an unknown place.

The story of “Khleif Al-Allawi” takes us to thousands of stories of the detainees of Daesh, in which Daesh followed the same methods of telling the families of the detainees about the deaths of their sons without dead bodies or witnesses or even pictures of their bodies, which proves the extent of the Organization’s lies and its tampering with the fate of the detainees of Deir Ezzor. And on the other hand this note sent messages with some hope to every family of the disappeared detainees in Daesh prisons, that their son might be alive.

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