Assad’s forces arrest elements from the Revolutionary Guards, and a direct clash takes place between them !!

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D 24 exclusive:

Today, Saturday, the Assad’s forces arrested four civilians, who returned to Al-Mayadeen city in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside, and joined the Iranian Revolutionary Guard militias in the city.

In the details, special sources told D24 that the Assad’s forces arrested the four youths by raiding their homes in the city, arresting them and confiscated their weapons.

According to the sources, the four youths arrived about two months ago in Al-Mayadeen city, and settled their status by the Iranian forces in the city, and joined the Revolutionary Guards.

The sources noted that the Assad’s forces justified the arrest by claiming that there was a lawsuit against the four youths with charges of murder and aiding in the kidnapping of civilians during the period when the four youths were elements of the Free Army in 2013.

The sources confirmed that officers from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard quarreled with the Assad’s forces and demanded the release of the four youths, considering that their arrest would prevent many people from returning to the city.

The Assad’s forces emphasized that the justice will determine whether to release the four youths or keep them in jail.

D24 network had published exclusively details of a meeting joined Iranian personalities with the people of Al-Mayadeen, in which they demanded the need for young people to join the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

Where Iran had established forces under the name of the Revolutionary Guards in Deir Ezzor, including youths from Al-Mayadeen and from all over Deir Ezzor countryside, whom Iran had enrolled after settling their status.

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