Deir Ezzor Civil Council demands autonomous administration to increase quantities of diesel allocated for Deir Ezzor

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With the arrival of winter and its low temperatures, the people of Deir Ezzor become more in need of diesel, which they use in domestic heating, so people raised their voices, appealing to the Deir Ezzor civil council to take into account the people’s need for fuel with the coming of this cold season.

In turn, the local council of Deir Ezzor has addressed the autonomous administration several times, to increase the quantity of diesel allocated for Deir Ezzor province given the large number of citizens in Deir Ezzor areas (east of the Euphrates). According to officials of the Deir Ezzor Civil Council, their demands to the autonomous administration to increase the quantities allocated for Deir Ezzor have received no response until now.

Due to their need, some people of Deir Ezzor find themselves forced to buy diesel from the black market despite its high prices and low quality.

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