Cargo planes air-drop food aid shipments over Deir Ezzor and The Syrian Arab Red Crescent distribute part of them

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Cargo planes belonging to the Assad-regime air-dropped six shipments containing food and fuel over the regime-held areas in Deir Ezzor at 12.00 pm today.

The shipments landed nearby the Deir Ezzor-Damascus highway in the province and Assad forces managed to collect and transport them to the warehouses of The Syrian Red Arab Crescent organization in al-Joura neighbourhood of Deir Ezzor.

Today, The Syrian Arab Red Crescent branch of Deir Ezzor completed the mission of disturbing food aid pallets, which were delivered to Assad-regime controlled areas in Deir Ezzor province by the International Committee of the Red Cross using cargo planes last week, to civilians living under siege in the city.

SARC distributed food baskets to the displaced families from el-Sheikh Yassin neighbourhood who are now living in al-Joura and al-Qusour. Each family was given one food basket, and the distribution took place at al-Nahda center which is operated by SARC in al-Qusour neighbourhood.

Each food basket includes 1 kg of rice, 6 kg of sugar, 900 grams of tea, 2 kg of beans, 3 litres bottle of oil, 1 kg of butter, 1 kg of  lentils, 4 kg of  grit, 500 grams of salt ,1 kg of crushed lentils.

SARC has been distributing food baskets to besieged civilians through its centers in al-Joura and al-Qusour neighbourhoods since 2016/2/12, however, the distribution is still limited to the neighbourhoods of Cinema Street Fouad, al-Rashdiya, al-Oradi, Kanamat, al-Joura, al-Qusour and the old airport.

The food baskets contains the following contents:

6 cans of beans, 6 cans of chickpea, 5 cans of tuna, 2 cans of vegetables, 2 kg of spaghetti, 1 kg of thyme, 1 litre of oil and 1 kg of dates.

The distribution of food in Deir Ezzor province relies on the quantity of shipments airdropped by cargo planes over the regime-held areas in the province, and there are still several areas which have not benefited from the food distribution programs’ missions so far, among them are al-Bughayliya, al-Jabliya, al-Huamydiya, al-Omal, al-Huwayqa, al-Orafi, Khassarat, al-Sinaa’, al-Muwadafine and Harabish.

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