Military supplies airdropped by Russian cargo planes for Assad forces in Deir Ezzor fell into ISIS hands

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ISIS-affiliated Amaq Agency reported yesterday that Russian cargo planes parachuted military supplies for besieged Assad forces in the city of Deir Ezzor and its military airport.

Amaq indicated that two parachutes landed in ISIS-held Duli area, south of the airport; each of them loaded with more than 150 tank and artillery shells inside wooden boxes which were broke apart upon impact with the ground.

Russian supply mission in the province come after Assad forces have gained ground and took over Palmyra, enabling them to advance towards Deir Ezzor.

Russian cargo planes have sharply increased the number of their supply missions in Deir Ezzor by air-dropping shipments which are  said to be containing food and fuel; however, were are still unable to identify the content of these shipments as Assad forces continue to collect them in areas which are distant from civilian areas in the province.



Tank and artillery shells that were air-dropped by Russian cargo planes and fell into ISIS hands.

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