Are Assad forces planning to launch an offensive on Daesh to capture the entire city of Deir Ezzor?

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Assad and Russian warplanes carry out airstrikes in Daesh-controlled areas of Deir Ezzor city on a regular basis. The Russian warplanes destroyed the Siyasiya Bridge recently in order to cripple the movements of the group between the city and the countryside, as the bridge has been the only supply line to the city, which has lead many monitors to think that the intensifying of the airstrikes point out to an upcoming offensive by the Assad forces to take over the entire city.



This comes after the International coalition carried out a series of airstrikes which destroyed many bridges in the province, splitting it into isolated areas. They have also crippled the military movement of the organization, mainly the transportation of heavy weapons, which has affected the frontlines in the city where the group relies on reinforcement deployed from the countryside.


Both, the Russian and Assad warplanes, are intensifying the airstrikes on the neighborhoods of the city, targeting the ovens and bread distribution center, as well as Daesh explosive factories. The Assad regime has brought in a reinforcement consisting of new militia, believed to be Iraqis, via helicopters. Our correspondent does not think that the Assad forces are going to attack the group but they are just reinforcing their defensive lines, after sustaining massive causalities in the US airstrike near the military airport. Light clashes continue to occur on the frontlines of the military airport, Al Sinaa and the Rushdiya neighborhoods. In other words, the Assad forces are on the defensive in the region.


In other news Daesh is attempting to open a front in the panorama from both, the Dalla roundabout and the Muwaddafin to capture the supply line between the airport, Brigade 137 and the Talae’ Camp. The organization has increased the attacks on the Harabish neighborhood from Al-Sinaa after realizing that it is very difficult to attack it from the Mareiyah side. The organization is relying on some locals, who were among the first who pledged their allegiance to the group, due to their long experience in the fight against the Assad forces in the city.

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