The governor of Wilayalt Al-Furat, Saddam Al-Jamal, & governor of Falujah are sacked from their positions & sentenced to 4000 lashes.

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An exclusive local source in Al-Raqqa reported to D24 that a Daesh investigating committee, which examined the reasons that led to the fall of Fallujah, Iraq, has sentenced both, the Wali ( governor) of “Wilayat Al-Furat” (Albu Kamal and Qa’im), Sadam Al-Jamal, and the Wali of Falujah city to 4 thousand lashes for each one of them, which will be publicly implemented in all of the organization-controlled areas in Syria and Iraq. They have also been dismissed from their positions, after banning them from joining any kinds of authorities and administrations run by the group.


The source stated that the committee issued the judgement in the Saa’ Roundabout area, located in the center of Al-Raqqa, a little while ago. Each of them were lashed 50 times in the area and the remaining lashes will be implemented in other provinces. They have also been sentenced to six months in prison and the sentence was declared in public. The committee held them responsible for the fall of the Falujah into the hands of the sectarian militias, as they did not support the group during the offensive for Fallujah.


Saddam Al-Jamal is a prominent Daesh commander in the city of Al-Bukamal. Due to his betrayal to the FSA by secretly pledging his allegiance to the organization, the city fell into the hands of the group, which also led to the death of several FSA fighters. Then, Saddam was employed in different administrative posts to be appointed as the Wali of the Al-Furat Wilayah, which is the area extending from the city of Deir Ezzor to Syria-Iraq border.

The organization took over Al-Falujah on January 2014 and retreated from it on July 26, 2016, after a large-scale offensive launched by the ISF being backed by the sectarian militias. The city is among the most strategic cities that the organization has lost this year.

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