Why did Daesh carry out the execution in Al-Bukamal? and who were the victims?

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On Tuesday, November 01, Daesh published a new media release showing the brutal execution of three young men from Al-Bukamal, claiming that they were affiliated with the US-backed FSA-linked New Syrian Army.


D24 correspondent in Al-Bukamal said yesterday that the organization executed the three men in the Municipal Building in the center of Al-Bukamal, delivering a warning message to the locals of the city who have joined the NSA. He clarified that executed men had strong relationship with fighters belonging to the NSA.


Abduallah Abdl Hay worked in a mobile shop and was arrested after his brother appeared in a video showing a training session of the NSA in Jordan. Anis Ismail, was a firefighter, was arrested after Daesh inspected his phone and found one of his conversations with some of the NSA affiliates, for which he was executed. The charges and reasons that that led to the execution of Mohamed Abdlallati have not been identified yet.


The organization chose Al-Bukamal for the carrying out the execution it is the hometown of Khaz’l Sarhan, the general commander of the NSA, and a large number of NSA fighters. As a punishment, Daesh also displaced many families of the NSA from the city to Iraq and Al-Tabqah.

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