A woman martyred in a blast caused by landmine planted by Daesh, joining her son who was executed by the organization before.

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A woman and a young man were killed today after a Daesh landmine exploded in the Rai’ area near the Turkish border, as they were trying to flee, along with a group of Deir Ezzor families, to Turkey.


A D24 correspondent reported today that at least six families from the Shaheel town, Deir Ezzor’s eastern countryside, were heading towards Al-Rai when the landmine blew up, killing a woman and a young man, in addition to the wounding of three other women, most of whom are in a critical condition.


He added that, the husband of the woman was killed years ago in a dispute that occurred in the Shaheel town while her son was killed after being captured in battles between the FSA and Daesh that occurred in the village of Al-Hariji, eastern Deir Ezzor’s countryside in 2014.


Both, the young man and the women bodies are still in the area where the incident occurred, as people are unable to retrieve them due to the existence of multiple minefields in that area.

Noteworthy, this is not the first incident of its kind, as many fleeing Deir Ezzor’s families have been killed on their way to the FSA-held areas in northern Aleppo

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