Ambassador James Jeffrey and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State hold meeting in Hasakeh and discuss situation of Deir Ezzor

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On September 20, a high-level official meeting was held in Hasakah province including: special envoy to Syria, Iraq, and the international coalition to fight Daesh, Ambassador James Jeffrey, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Joel Rayburn, SDF Commander Mazloum Abdi, joint chairman of Deir Ezzor Civilian Council Dr. Ghassan al-Yousef, Deir Ezzor Military Council commander Ahmed Al-Khubeil, and senior U.S. military commanders.

According to a source, the meeting discussed the Iranian danger in the region, and the security threat of Daesh remnants to northeastern Syria, as well as ways to develop the economic and living situation of people in the region.

During the meeting, the American side confirmed its commitment to strengthening security and stability in the region despite all the difficulties.

Ambassador Jeffrey explained that the U.S. was strongly committed to support northeastern Syria, particularly Deir Ezzor, and “we are still seeking more stability to improve services and people’s conditions.”

“The U.S. strategy of seeking a political solution for all of Syria and the departure of Iran and Daesh has been our top priority,” he said

The meeting was held one day after the official spokesman for Operation “Inherent Resolve” in Syria announced the bringing in of highly sophisticated vehicles to protect coalition partners during their ongoing operations in Syria.

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