Abdel-Basit Khashan …. From being a seller of music and adult movies DVDs into being an element of Daesh

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A mass media close to the SDF published a photograph of who it called a French man who was fighting in Daesh ranks in Deir Ezzor countryside, and that he surrendered himself to the SDF near Al-Baghuz town east of the Euphrates.

In details, a person named Abdel-Basit Al-Khashan, from Al-Mayadeen town in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside, has made the SDF elements think that he is a French immigrant, and a Daesh element.

Abdel-Basit Al-Khashan comes from and lived in Al-Mayadeen city east of Deir Ezzor, he is known to be a person who is mentally unwell, he joined Daesh as he entered Al-Mayadeen city on 3 / July / 2014.

He studied at Abdel-Mone’im Riyadh secondary school in Al-Mayadeen and failed to pass the baccalaureate examination, so he worked in selling “music DVDs” while at the same time he was secretly selling pornographic films to his customers, and most people of the area know about his life before 2011.

After Daesh took control over Al-Mayadeen, Al-Khanshan joined the organization and he quickly participated in the raids against the men wanted by the organization in addition to his regular job in writing the records of the investigation by the organization especially in the so-called Al-Mayadeen Sharia court of Daesh at that time.

Daesh imprisoned Abdel-Basit’s brother and then he died in the jail in an airstrike by the Coalition.

On 12-2-2019, Al-Khashan surrendered himself to the SDF and tried to deceive them that he is not a Syrian or a supporter of Daesh, while he was at the first of those who pledged allegiance in early 2014 and even contributed in raiding and killing many opponents of the organization.

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