What is the force 313 that dominates Al-Bukamal?

Written by Editorial Board

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Force 313 as it is called by the Assad forces and its affiliated militias. It is a sectarian military militia, and is led by Iranian officers, its volunteers are men from Deir Ezzor and from other Syrian governorates, It has headquarters in Deir Ezzor center and Al-Mayadeen and has expanded its activities in Al-Bukamal city.

D 24 was able to reach one of the volunteers in the militia (Force 313), and he said:

“On my first day in the military training course of the force 313, they gathered us to tell us about the militia, the trainer, an Iraqi national who was living in the south of Damascus, said that the force 313 was named after an Iranian Shiite story, which is (the promised Mahdi is expected to have 313 commanders and he will rule the whole world), and he told us that the force 313 started as a brigade in the south of Syria with direct support from Iran apart from Hezbollah and other Shiite brigades, for fear of being subjected to the international sanctions imposed on Hezbollah. And after many men of the south joined it, participating in fighting against Daesh by the end of 2017, and taking control of Al-Shamiyah area and Deir Ezzor city centre, the force was significantly deployed in the badiyah of Al-Shamiyah and started to receive the new volunteers from Deir Ezzor.

It is worth mentioning that the Force 313 militia is characterized by posting portraits of Iranian personalities on its headquarters, cars and vehicles to differentiate itself from other militias, and has recently posted giant portraits of Qassim Soleimani the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in the main streets of Al-Bukamal city.

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