A bag of grenades and explosives was about to cause a massacre in Ash-Shahil town

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Today, Sunday (May 31st, 2020), a group of farmers found a large bag of grenades and explosives buried in an agricultural land in Ash-Shahil town east of Deir Ezzor, according to Deir Ezzor 24 network correspondent.

In the detail, sources said that while farmers from Ash-Shahil were tilling their land, they found a large bag of grenades buried in the ground near al-Hassiya school in the center of Ash-Shahil town, and immediately informed the relevant authorities.

Local sources told Deir Ezzor 24 that the grenades were most likely buried by Daesh elements years ago, before they withdrew from the area.

It is indicated that Deir Ezzor’s areas are rife with war remnants and unexploded ordnance due to the fighting that continued for several years in the region.

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