Young men from Deir Ezzor beat member of Liwaa al-Quds militia for woman

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Young men from al-Joura neighborhood of Deir Ezzor quarrelled with a member of Liwaa al-Quds militia at “al-Jaz” bakery in the neighborhood, and during the quarrel, a number of the militia members intervened and fired in the air to free the member, according to Deir Ezzor 24 network correspondent.

Our correspondent added that the quarrel started when the member insulted a woman in “al-Jaz” bakery after she asked him to get her bread. He shouted at her and insulted her, so young men from the neighborhood intervened and beat him.

The areas controlled by the regime forces have been experiencing a bread crisis for weeks, in addition to the domination of Assad regime and militias, who deprive people of their allocations.

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