Two Russian soldiers are killed in Deir Ezzor where the clashes are still ongoing.

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The clashes between Daesh and Assad’s forces, who are backed by pro-regime militias and Russian airstrikes, are still ongoing in the southern and western parts of Deir Ezzor.


Yesterday, the Russian Defense Ministry announced the death of two Russian soldiers in an artillery shelling by Daesh on their positions nearby Deir Ezzor city. According to it, the one soldier was immediately killed while the other succumbed to his wound at a hospital, and that they were killed while they were with a convoy of a Russian delegation to reconcile between the conflicting parties.


However, the statement of the ministry is contradictory for the organization did not target any convoy and there is no reconciliation office in Deir Ezzor in the first place. They were mostly killed near the village of Al-Nadirah or the areas of Kabajib where Daesh is fighting heavily and has managed to impede Assad’s forces from advancing after bringing in reinforcements despite the intense airstrikes and the carpet-bombing tactic being utilized by Assad aircraft.


The clashes are still ongoing in the vicinity of the areas of Al-Shulah and Kabajib, where both parties have not announced any gains so far.



According to the Russian Ministry, the killing of the two soldiers increases the number of killed Russian soldiers in Syria to 34.

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