Assad’s forces are close to breaking Daesh siege on Deir Ezzor city

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Assad’s forces continue to advance against Daesh positions in the southern and southwestern part of Deir Ezzor city and are now around to break the siege on the regime held-pocket in the area.


On Sunday, Assad’s forces captured the Nadirah area southwest the city. They are now only 20 km far from Brigade 137 west of Deir Ezzor city, where clashes are ongoing in the Hawiyah area.


The advancement of Assad’s forces in the southwestern part was in connection with more gains in the southern part where they captured the Haribsha area. They are now 7 km away from the city of Kabajib Kubrah in the southern countryside.

More than 50 regime fighters have been killed in the ongoing clashes, including the commander of the Deir Ezzor military operation, while Daesh has sustained 35 casualties, including foreign  fighters


Daesh has brought in reinforcement from the eastern countryside to the village of Al-Shulah, the Kharatah field and the vicinity of Brigade 137 in an attempt to repel the approaching Assad’s forces.

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