Tools of torture and ammunition in al-Hol camp belong to Daesh

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The General Security of the SDF announced that it had found torture tools used by ISIS members detained in al-Hol camp in the Hasaka countryside, during the “security and humanity” campaign carried out by the SDF in the camp 11 days ago.

According to the SDF announcement, the search operations resulted in finding torture and killing tools that were used by cell members to kill and torture, and the owner of the tent in which these tools were seized was arrested. These tools were professionally hidden underground, and 388 were found. A bullet for a Kalashnikov was hidden under the dirt, in addition to a military bag that was located in one of the tents.

Two days ago, SDF announced that during the “security and humanity” campaign, it found the Yazidi girl “Wafa Abbas Ali” in one of the tents of al-Hol camp, who had been kidnapped by Daesh, and then hid in the camp for fear of being punished by her family.

The SDF launched the “Humanity and Security” campaign in Al-Hol camp, on the 25th of last August, to pursue ISIS sleeper cells, and to blow up ISIS’ attempts to organize itself inside the camp, according to what it announced.

It is worth noting that at least 44 people, including 14 women, were killed this year in al-Hol camp in al-Hasakah countryside, which includes internal refugees and families of Daesh members.

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