The collapsed buildings in Deir Ezzor are tickling bombs in front of the residents

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The collapsed buildings in the neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor pose a real danger to the lives of civilians residing in those residential neighborhoods.

Dozens of buildings scattered among the city’s neighborhoods are liable to fall at any moment, as a result of the shelling they were subjected to by Assad’s forces and Russian air forces, and their danger still exists until now.

One of these buildings is located in the Al-Hamidiyah neighborhood near the first girls’ schools and Khadija Al-Kubra. It began to collapse more than a year ago, but it has not fallen yet, despite the repeated demands of the residents of the area from the city’s municipality to solve the problem, but it did not respond, forcing the people to close The street that contains the building on both sides.

Falling buildings are time bombs, it is not known when they will fall and to whom, despite this, the Assad regime turns its face away from this danger, and does not care about the safety and lives of people, which has always called them to return to the homes that it destroyed and made its highest.

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