The international coalition aircraft struck vehicles belonging to Daesh in western Deir Ezzor

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The coalition executed more than seven airstrikes on the river crossing in the Hawayej village and the Kharitah town in western Deir Ezzor on Monday and Tuesday morning.


A D24 correspondent stated that “Most of the air raids hit the river crossing which connects between the Hwayej Diyab and Hawayej Bu Samaa villages in western Deir Ezzor, causing the sinking of more than 5 vehicles belonging to Daesh as the latter was attempting to transport them to the other bank of the Euphrates River. A number of Daesh fighters, who were inside those vehicles, were killed.”


He added, “ The airstrikes struck  a Daesh Van vehicle in the Kharitah Tahtani town, destroying it and killing those inside.”


Daesh has imposed a security corridor in the crossing river area and are using boats and rescue teams to search for the bodies of the affiliates who had sank in the river following the airstrikes.


A civilian local source indicated to D24 that, “ the river crossing, which was used by both, Daesh and civilians, has been knocked out of service and no civilian casualties were reported.”

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