The infant Retaj: A new tragedy among the many tragedies of Deir Ezzor

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child drowned in the Mediterranean Sea,which had swallowed thousands of syrian civilians attempting to reach safety in another places before,after few days of leaving Al-Quriya (a village in Deir Ezzor province,Syria)and heading towards Turkish areas in order to join Ali Abdu Allah,the father of Ritaj who has been in Berlin;Germany,since months.
On October 28th,The Mother of Ritaj, accompanied by her brother, set off from the Turkish city of Izmir using a rubber boat,carrying tens of immigrants heading towards the greek island of Mytilene.
According to the relatives of the victim ,the boat set sail at night as the sea was relatively calm and the trip was going well till the rubber boat hit some rocks and sank off.
Unfortunately the mother of Ritaj was not able to rescue her daughter as she cannot swim.
After that The red crescent in Greece were able to find the dead body of the child among 5 others and all of them were burried in Greece.

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