DeirEzzor24 exclusive interview with Osama AlGhadhab – Captain in Spain

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111Hes in good spirits and is otherwise healthy. Despite his son, zaid, being admitted to a hospital, he exclaimed that he was in great spirits and his son is healing well.

The captain told DeirEzzor24 that hed like to openly address all families looking to immigrate to Europe; leave your wives and children at home, as it can be a difficulty deadly journey to Europe and to ensure their safety, as the patriarch of the household can always bring their family later to Europe the legal way through family reunification.

AlGhadham continued I never for a day believed Id look for asylum and I always kept in touch with friends that immigrated and theyd tell the difficulty of the trip and the aftermath required steps to take including assimilating into a new society, learning a new language. I stayed in Turkey for one year and a half; 3 months in the province of Urfa, and a year and 3 months in the town of marseen. I worked as a paramedic in one of the Syrian clinics for a couple of months and than I was unemployed for awhile.

When I arrived to Germany, an official in the public relations department of Real Madrid team called me and invited me to a game that was to happen within a couple days in the Spanish capital of Madrid. However, I still had not declared asylum in Germany as of yet, and I told him that because of that; I could not travel yet. Later a major trainer for a German club called me and coordinated with the public relations official to bring me to Spain. They sent two officials to bring me out to Spain.   They flew me on a private plane from Germany to Spain, with my family. When we arrived to Spain, the lead coach of Real Madrid and the teams public relations officials welcomed my family and myself to Spain. It was a warm welcome and they absolutely did everything possible to ensure my family and myself were helped in every way possible. They gave us a day off to relax and then on the second day they gave us a special tour of the Real Madrid club and all the various training equipment they use.

He continues on the 3rd day, there was a football match between Real Madrid and Granada and we were amazed by the warm welcome we received from the fans and how they supported refugees fleeing from death. We even had seats in the main box in the first row. Before the match by 15 minutes, the Real Madrid star, Ronaldo, gave my younger son, Zaid, a quick tour around the stadium and then proceeded to give Real Madrid shirts with our individual names on each one.

After the end of the match, there was an interview with the lead trainer of the team that expressed CPSeYWCWgAAr17Lhis joy and solidarity with us arriving safely and that all help and assistance would be provided to us and other Syrian refugees. Furthermore, my son Mohanad would be brought in from Turkey to be reunited with us.

Finally, the lead trainer requested that I become a football trainer for Real Madrid and they provided residency documents, employment documents, and even provided a house for us to stay in.

When the trainer AlGhadhab was asked about his view on the current situation; he stated “Those that are causing the current catastrophe are not moved by any international humanitarian messages nor religion and I only hope one day the current situation ends.’

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