In Deir EzZor, “Aylan” dies from hunger, shrapnel wounds and torture

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The case of the Syrian child Aylan, that was found on the turkish beach, gained international media attention and yet seem ignored the real killer. At a time when numerous Syrian children are being killed in various ways without the international community lifting a finger. Drowning is not the only way Syrian children have been killed lately.

Beesan was one of the hundreds of children that have been killed by shrapnel, and mortar fire dropped by regime air force planes. Despite this, the international community did not begin an international emergency session to protect the children of DeirEzzor   and rid them of these potent killers. Neither did they bother except when migration became an apparent danger to their countries and economy.

Jude Hassan would fill her familys home with joy and delight and had a bright future ahead of her. However this dream would remain a figment of her imagination as she could not fast the days required as a siege being imposed on the Alqusoor neighborhood meant that there was a lack of baby food and food in general. This lack of humanity causing children to die of mere starvation daily and yet despite activists pointing out the problem, the world reacting with a deafening silence.

Tariq Hussain, a child of the city MuHassan, was only 17 when the intelligence directorate took him away after a protest. He disappeared into a whirling black hole of different intelligence security prisons and his parents could never exactly find his location nor confirm if he was alive or dead. Finally, after two years, his parents were informed that he died while under torture in a cell. Death continues to haunt the children of the area and the international community is equally complicit in aiding the regime and causing the death of so many children.


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