The Fatemiyon militia loots Deir Ezzor wealth

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Deir Ezzor24 exlusive report :

Deir Ezzor24 learnt from local sources that the Fatemiyon militia is looting Deir Ezzor wealth by extracting salt from the Tabani mine and smuggling it to Iraq via trucks, taking advantage of its increasing influence in the area and the control of the Bukamal crossing by the IRGC. The militia does not possess contracts with Assad to invest in the salt mine legally.

The Tabani mine is located 50 km to the west of Deir Ezzor and its width is estimated at 165 meters and it produces more than 100 thousand tons of salt (99% clean) which meets the needs of Syria, but it has been under the control of the Iranian militias since Daesh was expelled from the area in late 2017.

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