The Ashayer Brigade fighters are being sent to the Fourth Division ranks

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The general commander of the IRGC, Haj Mahdi, issued a new decision to merge the new civilian volunteers who joined recently the Ashayer Brigade, which operates under the command of Sheikh Nawa Al Bashir, into the Fourth Division, which is attempting to increase their manpower though the recruitement of those who have applied for reconiciliation (civilians and military personnel).

The manpower of the brigade is estimated at 360 fighters, most of whom are wanted for mandatory military service and reserve, and 20 civilians who operate in Salhiyat Al-Bukamal and T2 station.

These events come in the context of harmony and identification between the elements of the Fourth Division and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards militia, against the background of the visit of the Fourth Division security officer, Brigadier General Ghassan Bilal, and his recent meeting with militia leaders and Iranian pilgrims, and the policy of cover-up that the Iranian militias deliberately pursue under the cover of the Fourth Division.

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