The Assad regime announces officially the recruitment of hundreds of mercenaries for Russia

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DeirEzzor24 exclusive report:

The head of the Russian-Syrian reconciliation Abdullah Al-Shalash in Deir Ezzor stated during a speech in the workers’ hall at the Reconciliation Center,that hundreds of the city’s residents wishing to volunteer in the ranks of the Russian forces had registered for its support in its war on Ukraine, stressing that this is a kind of return of favor to what he called “friendly forces”.

Shalash said that all those whose names were registered have expressed their readiness to participate alongside Russia in its military operation against Ukraine, and are awaiting approval and instructions from the Russian-Syrian leadership.

And the volunteering efforts in the Russian forces did not stop at Shalash, but this was known about several personalities, including the translator, “Khader Abu Elias,” who works at the Russian Reconciliation Center, and takes an initiative to organize a list of names of those wishing to volunteer in the ranks of the Russian forces and go to Ukraine , and provides it to the Russian general responsible for the eastern Euphrates sector, individually and with the support of the Baath Party in Deir Ezzor.

In this context, the Recruitment Division in Deir Ezzor has begun to register those wishing to fight with Russia in Ukraine, where personal attendance is required to join, submit an application and a photo of their personal identity to get a passport, with confirmation that approval is guaranteed.

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