The price hike affects milk by-products in Deir Ezzor

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DeirEzzor24 exclusive report:

The prices of milk by-products, including cheese, in Deir Ezzor witnessed a significant increase, due to the imposition of new fees and taxes by the Fourth Division.

The price of a kilo of municipal yogurt reached 8 thousand SYP, and pasteurized milk to 6,500 SYP, while a kilo of sheep cheese is sold for 1,300 SYP, and a kilo of cow cheese is 1,100 SYP.

A kilo of Arabic butter is sold for 20 thousand SYP, a kilo of Arabic ghee is sold for 35 thousand SYP, a kilo of sheep’s milk is sold for two thousand SYP, a kilo of cow’s milk is 1,600 SYP, an Arabic egg is at 700 SYP, and the regular one is 500 SYP.

This increase comes in conjunction with the rise in the prices of most foodstuffs, vegetables and fruits, as well as the rise in fuels and other commodities.

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