The SDF continue their siege on Darnaj village.. What’s going on ?

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DeirEzzor24 exclusive report :

The SDF siege on the village of Daranj, east of Deir Ezzor, is entering its fourth consecutive day, and the voices of the local residents are calling for the intervention of the neighboring villages and clans, to break the suffocating siege, which has led to a shortage of food and medicine, in the presence of many patients, which exacerbates the crisis.

The SDF continue its campaign of daily raids, as it searched houses, burned some of them, tore up the Qur’an, and stole the contents of the houses. It also insulted women, the elderly and children, and prevented curfews and entry or exit from the village.

A delegation from the villagers went to the so-called “Ankel”, asking him to end the siege, as their livelihood is limited to daily work, but he refused that, unless the demonstrators were handed over, and paid a $30,000 fine for burning the car, threatening to continue and tighten the siege. The commandos forces raided the village last night, and searched a number of elderly people, as the young men had already left.

The reason for the recent tensions is that the commander of the SDF regiment, Ahmed Al-Obeid Abu Omar,from the Al-Najras clan, raided the village of Darang and confiscated a large amount of diesel, noting that there is sensitivity between the two parties, which caused harassment of the people, and their demonstrations and their blocking of roads. While the “Ubaid” tried to disperse the demonstrators with fire, the people took weapons from the elements, burned military cars, and stabbed some of the elements with knives, which fueled the anger of the SDF towards the villagers and they imposed a siege on it.

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