Swimmer from Deir Ezzor seeks internationality despite injury

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The Deir Ezzor 24 Network interviewed the Syrian swimmer Ibraheem al-Hussein from the Deir Ezzor governorate. Al-Hussein’s injury that left him with one leg due to an Assad forces’ shelling did not prevent him from exercising swimming which he mastered to seek world records and awards, hence becoming international.

Al-Hussein detailed to Deir Ezzor the recent tournament in Italy he participated in and future tournaments.

Al-Hussein said,”I participated in the recent tournament in the Italian city of Lacinato. The tournament is the world swimming series and it is annual. During the tournament, one can qualify for the next tournament. The International Paralympic Tournament of the next tournament of the world swimming series is held this year in Japan’s Tokyo.”

Al-Hussein added,”I participated in three races in the Lacinato Tournament. The races are 100 meters free, 50 meters free, and 100 meters breaststroke. Thank God, I managed to achieve the first place on the level of the group in the races. My best result was in the 50 meters free race.”

Al-Hussein said,”I qualified for the European Tournament in Portugal in May 2021. I am waiting for training about travel and participation.”

“Concerning the qualifying for the Tokyo Tournament, there are still many entitlements through which I could be nominated for the tournament in Tokyo this year”, al-Hussein said.

Al-Hussein said, “I blame the Free Syrian Sports Union in Turkey due to neglecting many achievements of revolutionary heroes on the world level, especially sportsmen with special needs.”

“I present these awards and tournaments I won to revolutionary Syrians whom I belong to, displaced people in the camps, and all displaced people and refugees worldwide.

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