Russian forces thwart an attempt to target the coalition base in Deir Ezzor

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DeirEzzor24 exclusive report:

A private source told DeirEzzor24 network that the Russian military police in Deir Ezzor arrested two members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards militia in the town of Hatla, northeast of Deir Ezzor.

The source added that a Russian patrol arrested the two men while they were erecting a small launching pad with two missiles, in an abandoned house in the northeastern neighborhoods of Hatla, last night, to target the global coalition base at the Conico Gas Factory.

He confirmed that they were arrested before the two missiles were launched, as a result of information leaked to the Russian Reconciliation Center in Hatla, by one of the town’s volunteers in the Fifth Corps.

According to the source, the two missiles were transferred from Ayash warehouses, west of Deir Ezzor, through the dirt bridge of the Fourth Division.

The bases of the global coalition “Al-Omar” and “Conico” were targeted by missile strikes more than once in the previous period, coming from the areas controlled by Assad’s forces east and west of the Euphrates.

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