Prices of food materials increase in Deir Ezzor

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Residents complained about increased prices of meat due to Assad regime affiliated traders’ monopolizing materials and increasing their prices fearing no accountability.

Lamb meat prices reached 25,000 Syrian pounds (SYP) per kilo, prices of chicken 400 SYP per kilo, prices of fish 2,500 SYP per kilo, and prices of egg 3,900 SYP per box.

Prices of dairy increased, as the prices of yogurt reached 650 SYP per kilo, prices of milk 550 SYP per kilo, prices of cow cheese 4,500 SYP per kilo, and prices of lamb cheese 6,000 SYP per kilo.

The Assad forces’ Fourth Division and its checkpoints’ refusing to allow sugar and tea to enter Deir Ezzor increased residents’ suffering as markets and supply establishments lacked such key materials.

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