New suffering for the IDPs in Deir Ezzor’s school imposed by the Assad regime

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As the battles started in Deir Ezzor city, many poor families fled to Al-Jourah neighborhood for fear of shelling, and with the high cost of housing and the lack of rental houses, these families resorted to schools and mosques’ annexes in the neighborhood.

These families found shelter despite the poor essentials of life, but did not find the required attention from officials and organizations working in the humanitarian field, and the siege came to increase the size of their suffering.

After the Assad’s forces took full control of Deir Ezzor city and “Al-Shamiyah” area, the school residents thought that the new change would provide them with solutions that would improve their difficult living conditions, but were shocked by the decisions of the Assad regime officials which increased their tragedy, where they were ordered to evacuate schools and Mosques’ annexes quickly and directly to be transferred to places in the outskirts of the city, arguing that (it is uncivilized sight and that they need these centers).

For example, “Adnan Aqqab” School shelters 30 displaced families, and Al Fateh Mosque Centre shelters 40 families.

According to the decision, the families had to be transferred to two schools in Harabish neighbourhood, east of Deir Ezzor, but when looking at these schools, people found that they didn’t have doors, windows, or electricity, and there was a little damage in some parts, while the bathrooms and toilets were in a bad situation, and when the people demanded the officials some repairs in these schools to be suitable for living, the answer was: “Fix it at your expense. We do not offer you housing and its repair.”

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